Mãe D'água


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She already won us over with her sweet voice on her debut, “Descalços Sobre A Terra”. Dipping her passion for the earth into the currents of musical waters, Flávia Muniz attracts the exoticism of OS MUTANTES, the sweetness of Elis Regina, the most playful spirit of Gilberto Gil, and the melodies of Joao Gilberto. This is a hidden gem that will delight fans of popular Brazilian music. Here at Elefant Records we are celebrating the release of this new digital single, presided by “Mãe D'água”, included in her aforementioned album, and accompanied here by two previously unreleased tracks, taken from the same recording sessions.

The first is one of the best demonstrations of what this young Brazilian is capable of: tropical rhythms and the fresh breeze of the most refreshing and exciting bossa, all wrapped around a hymn to life and to mother earth. “T-e-m-p-o” accepts small forays into jazz (a style that has always sauntered alongside the Musica Popular Brasileira) to set up an exuberant development, full of flirtatious and surprising structures, to end up with the unmistakable flavor of one of the great songs from the Bahia area. “Tempo De Aurora”, the closing track of the digital single, is a delicacy that offers a lesson in roots, tropicalism, fantasy, and imagination, with that flute responding to the voice of our beloved singer.

Flávia Muniz’s story is one of rebirth, of new opportunities, which she is clearly not willing to waste. She herself gives us life with songs like these, that endlessly and continually instill the joy of living.


released April 3, 2014


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Track Name: Mãe D'água
As flores caídas na água
Perfumam a rainha do mar
Elas recebem o brilho das estrelas
Que iluminam a sereia do mar

Ela é a soberana das águas
E tem seu trono no fundo do mar
Ela é a iara dos rios
Ela comanda a corrente do mar
Track Name: T-e-m-p-o
Trago a canção da vida, eu sei
Sou um ser humano aprendiz
Venho de longe, muito andei
Canto e espanto o medo
Zuí hagdá haiêra
Zuí hagdá haiê
Soletro a palavra tempo
Quem sou eu? Quem és tu?
No planeta Terra?
Track Name: Tempo De Aurora
Todos andam pela mata
Olha o toque
Eu tô te dando

Ouço o silêncio da mata
É o funil
Se afunilando

Veja bem quem vem chegando
É o amigo da banda de lá

O sol, o sol raiando
Novo dia já vai chegar

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