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Marie Merlet was born and raised in Bordeaux, where she maintained a close, continuous relationship with music while she was a film student, playing in various bands and Djing weekly on the local radio station Nova Sauvagine. Everything changed the day she met Laetitia Sadier. At the time, Marie was involved in a thousand projects: a girl-group doing covers from the sixties, a WASHINGTON DC-styled punk combo, and a few experimental electronic ventures. But when the then-singer of STEREOLAB asked her to join MONADE and they started recording and touring together, there was no turning back. Marie traded Bordeaux for London, where she continued her musical journey as part of electronic duo ZOOEY or with the sweet pop of LISBONNE. In 2013, Marie began recording songs on her own in her London home studio under the moniker IKO CHÉRIE, and the result is this “Dreaming On”, an album mixed with SCHNEIDER TM in Berlin and mastered in Barcelona by Xavier Alarcón.

“Dreaming On” is a special album, for a lot of reasons. First, because of its unmistakable pop sensitivity, which argues intelligently between the sweet and the bitter. This first IKO CHÉRIE album is dedicated to dreaming and how it can be so cathartic and so illusory at the same time, making you travel to unknown worlds while also keeping your feet far from the ground. Second, because it is easy to see the musical culture and baggage of an artist who has already played with so many styles, and who puts almost all of them into play on an album that, of course, has so much of her French origins (Françoise Hardy, France Gall, LES PARISIENNES are unarguably influences here). But those sounds are updated with effervescent and nebulous ambiance, spacey lounge or Brazilian music, to name just a few. And third, because her vocal register could be compared to Claudine Longet, Hope Sandoval, Blossom Dearie or Kahimi Karie, with whom she definitely has a lot in common.

With the help of her band mates from MONADE, Julien Gasc and Emma Mario, and Laetitia Sadier’s portentous appearance on the great “Go Now!” Merlet has made an exciting album. Like that opening with “If Every Song Could Break Your Heart” that leads us right into “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is” by Irma Thomas, but giving it a lysergic touch that stays with us for every second of the album. And that’s the point of that cover of SUN RA’s “Dreamin’”. “Wild Child” gives a more organic note to LALI PUNA’s fragile melodies and ambiances, while “Colour Me Dark” leans more towards pristine sixties indie-pop. “Comme Ferdinand Et Marianne” is pure doo-wop, as well as her first incursion into French on the album, which confirms all the connections we mentioned earlier. “Flowers For Brian” is a demonstration of her obsession with Brian Wilson, while “Le Jardin Des Plantes” is an open window to tropicalism, beyond bossa nova. “Good To You Again” is pure, cosmic easy listening, and that incredible final track on the album that is “Even The Stars”, between echoes of soul, rhythm&blues, and aromas of Richard Hawley.

This is definitely one of those unique, special albums, full of magic and seduction.


released October 16, 2015



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Track Name: If Every Song Could Break Your Heart
You never gave it to me love
Cause I was never good enough
For you
I tried, baby I tried
My best, the best I could
To please you, tease you
But no

You gave it easy to the others
Made me feel how they were better
For you
I learned, baby I learned
Now I’ve stopped
Trying to please
You little tease
No more

If every song could break your heart
Then you would know how much I cared
For you
I cried baby I cried
But this game has been going on
For too long
You won’t keep me hanging on
For too long
Track Name: Wild Child
Dark places, we used to hide
Stolen kisses, it makes me sad
To see you now
You’re a wild child
When you do the wild things
It makes my heart sink
I can’t do anything wild
Wild child

How I wish, I could see through your eyes
Let it go for a while
Forget it all
And be a wild child
For when I do the wild things
I make your heart sing
We can do everything wild
Wild child
Track Name: Colour Me Dark
It’s a gift you have
Painting everything black
One more sleepless night
Waiting for the light now
It’s a gift you have
Taking everything out
Colour me dark
Track Name: Comme Ferdinand Et Marianne
Paris, j’en ai assez je m’ennuie
Je voudrais partir en vacances
Dans le sud de la France
Rouler, les vitres baissées
Les lignes blanches qui défilent
Quand nous quittons la ville

Comme Ferdinand et Marianne
Robe rayée rouge et gitanes
Emmène-moi sur une île
Où nous vivrons en exil
Pour quelques jours

Jouer à compter les secondes
Que nous avons passées ensemble
Dans cet endroit désert

Comme Ferdinand et Marianne
Sans vraiment savoir quoi faire
Disque vogue et vague à l’âme
Tous les deux face à la mer
Pour quelques jours

Perdue dans mes pensées
Je ne sais plus
Si je dois m’enfuir
Ou bien rester ici toujours

Comme Ferdinand et Marianne
Un film noir en couleur
Et si l’amour n’était qu’un leurre?
Track Name: Dreamin'
Je rêve, je rêve
Voilà que je rêve encore
Je rêve, je rêve
Profondément endormie
Je dors, je dors
Oui mais je dois me réveiller
Car à chaque fois que je rêve
Ça me fait pleurer

Quand on vit dans ses rêves
Tu le sais
On trouve un monde, autre réalité
Mais à chaque fois que je rêve ça me fait pleurer

Je rêve, je rêve
Voilà que je rêve encore
Je rêve, je rêve
Même si tu me rends heureuse
Je dors, je dors
Oui mais je dois me réveiller
Car à chaque fois que je rêve
Ça me fait pleurer
Je rêve, je rêve
Track Name: A Room Of My Own
You will devour me
Rotten apples in the garden
You go away again
Leave me there

Another Sunday morning
Drowning in the rain

Rotten apples in the garden
You go away again
Leave me there
Track Name: Le Jardin Des Plantes
Tu me racontes
La ménagerie du jardin des plantes
Où ton papa t’emmenait
Voir les lions enfermés

Devant la cage
Tu regardais son visage
Des idées de liberté partagée
Ta main dans sa main serrée

Toi qui n’étais pas sage
Paris est ton village
Sous les pavés la plage

Années soixante
Tu n’allais plus au jardin des plantes
Tu trainais dans les cafés
Mais tu n’avais pas changé
Jeune fille rebelle
Seule dans la ville et belle
Tu marchais jusqu’à l’île de la Cité
Mains dans les poches l’air décidé

Toi qui n’étais pas sage
Paris est ton village
Sous les pavés la plage

Les cinémas
Du cinquième, non loin du jardin des plantes
Où tu passais tes journées à rêver éveillée
Devant l’écran
Ton visage éclairé
Des idées de liberté partagées
Ta main sur ton coeur serré

Toi qui n’étais pas sage
Paris est ton village
Sous les pavés la plage

Tu me racontes
La ménagerie du jardin des plantes
Track Name: Go Now! (Feat. Laetitia Sadier)
Comment dis-moi
En sommes nous arrivés là?
Quand mon coeur s’enlise
Découragé par la bêtise

Even in the darkest hour
There is a spark
There is a power
Go with your heart go!

Crois tu qu’un jour nous ferons demi-tour?
Le bonheur s’il existe
N’est pas matérialiste

Le bonheur? What they make us do
Fulfilment is not having things
No, I don’t think so!

Les trésors de l’enfance
Ont perdu toute importance
Pourquoi les abandonner?
Être à jamais insatisfaits?

There is no one to detain you
The strength you need is within
And even in the darkest hour
There is a spark, there is a power
Le bonheur what they make us do?
Fulfilment is not having things
Look inside the joy of living
What you wish for is all around you
Track Name: Flowers For Brian
Flowers for Brian
I hear a melody
Meant for me
Flowers for Brian
Beautiful dreamer
The healing sound
Flowers for Brian
When I’ve lost my way
I know you’ll stay
Flowers for Brian
From the river to the sea
Meant to be
Flowers for Brian
When my heart is full of spring
Track Name: Good To You Again
Don’t worry baby for life will be
Good to you again
And waves will wash away your tears
And waves will bring another love
So you can dream
Dream on and on again

They’ll keep saying
You’re good for nothing
They’ll keep lying
It turns them on to make it bad
But hold on
Don’t worry baby
For waves will wash away your tears
And waves will bring another love
So you can dream
Dream on and on again
Track Name: Even The Stars
You used to say
Time, it is a line that goes a long way
We’re just a sign of love’s infinity
But I’m not so sure anymore
I can feel like before
You used to call me chérie

Well days run away
And love it fades
Are we just scared of this empty space?

My heart is black and blue
Baby I loved you
I hope your dreams come true
I think the world of you
But my heart is black and blue
Anyone can be untrue
How could I do this to you
When baby I loved you?

This mad world is grey
And I’ve been lying to myself
Maybe we’re just like everybody else...

My heart is black and blue
Baby I loved you
I hope your dreams come true
I think the world of you
My heart is black and blue
Anyone can be untrue
For what is love made of?
Stardust and teardrops

If I set you free
This feeling inside of me
Grow without you
Can it be true?
Even the stars, everything good dies

But we could be good for a while
Isn’t life just a ride?
Baby please, hold me tight
Let’s just pretend for a while
That nothing good dies
Not even the stars