In The Morning We'll Meet


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► Watch the official video-clip of "New Fabled Stories":
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Yes, “In the morning we'll meet” is the most complicated and ambitious album that Giorgio Tuma has come across. When you deal with the musical fantasy that is hiding behind his notes, it is impossible not to evoke that colossal work of Brian Wilson’s, “Smile. Today, that figure of the song-writer as a goldsmith who pampers his melodies and arrangements with the meticulousness of a watch-maker needs to be reclaimed and dignified, and figures like Giorgio Tuma are indispensible in that process.

An album that, like all good trips, has come into being all around the world (countries like Canada, Norway, The U.S…. have seen these songs grow), to ultimately point straight towards home as the final destination. As the author himself admits, “In the morning we’ll meet” is an album of folk-jazz sung in English, but watered with typically Italian melodies, on which childhood and memories work as an emotional motor. And because we couldn’t expect anything less, the figures of the great Italian composers appear on the scene: Alessandro Cicognini, Nino Rota, Piero Piccioni, Piero Umiliani, Ennio Morricone, and singers like Luigi Tenco, Piero Ciampi and Lucio Batisti stop by to keep the references we already know like Stan Getz, Vinicius de Moraes, Brian Wilson himself, Chet Baker, Maurice Ravel and Nick Drake company.

But beware: don’t confuse the ambition of a project with the density and complicatedness of its sound. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is precisely the hard work that has gone into Giorgio Tuma’s new songs which has given way to a more thoughtful album than his two previous full-lengths, where the dose of sun and light turn out to be slightly austere, leaving space for that nostalgia so common in evening jazz, and the protagonism of blue as an impressionist symbol fills everything. And to achieve this, as always, there is an incredible list of collaborators, among whom a few stand out like Michael Andrews (responsible for a ton of great soundtracks, like “Donnie Darko” and “Me, you and everyone we know”), Lori Cullen (Canadian jazz-folk singer who has worked with Owen Pallet and has three splendid albums out, the last of which was produced by Chris Dedrick who was the mentor of the legendary THE FREE DESIGN), and Susan Karolina Wallumrød (who has also sung with greats like Bonnie “Prince” Billy himself, and has three albums out with her group SUSANNA AND THE MAGICAL ORCHESTRA).

Ultimately, this is a one of a kind work, completely timeless, an album that the authentic music fans will enjoy with a grateful palate, and which to each new listen is a new banquet with so many new flavors to discover. And in this banquet, the principal actors are, since it could be no other way, the songs.


released April 22, 2011


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Track Name: A Ghost On Our Way
Track Name: Imaginary Soundtrack For Yuri Norstein
The thriving plant outside
Means patience and desire
You swore you would have tried
To soar with dragonflies
Don't think we're trapped inside
The fence is not so high
Pure chance if we're alive
Let's walk by riverside
Track Name: Marzapane Rota
Here comes today
With a simple refrain
And a mosaic contains
All your dreams piece by piece
Recompose them to build a new scene

Whispering mouths
In the leaves of the oak
And your friend growing old
Changes into a fawn
In his eyes you can find graceful notes

So here i stay
With a second refrain
And a mosaic contains
All of us piece by piece
Recompose me with some graceful notes
Track Name: New Fabled Stories
New fabled stories from another town
Red flowers flourish on a fertile ground
Hopeful signs
Hills with pines
All reminds
Youthful times

Don't regret you felt shy
Petryifing your own arms
Shoot a glance at branches sway
They can teach you how to move bouncing
On rubber sky

They can teach you how to bend
And let come butterflies
Don't stand aside
Don't stand aside
Track Name: Raymond Bleeps
Track Name: Noël 1981
Roaring wind on wide fields of wheat
Rumbling streams and hoots of the ship
Humming of bees and leaves crackling
Under your feet

Overwhelmed by towers of words
Speechless sounds are lost in a hole
Givin' an ear you'll find they can move you to tears
Light tears.....
Track Name: Innocenza Cetra
A hundreds coloured yarns are in your hand
You weave them into beds
Where thoughts will sleep and rest
Sunset draws the curtains and the
Night reveals a secret in your ear
The view is now so clear
Disorder disappears
Moonlight seeping through the ceiling

A hundreds coloured yarns are in your hand
You weave them into beds
Where we can sleep and rest
Let me speak a secret in your ear
The view can be so clear
Confusion disappears
Blue thoughts are out of here
Track Name: An Enchanting Blue
There's some hypnotic flavour in march
Raking wet blossoms when grass is cut
Parrots in a cage are snared
Losing pleasures of
The wings they have
The wings we had
To reach a glade
Where blinds cannot be pulled down
We could restart from the end

Bring tinkly toys in a copper house
Discover melodies in things around
Track Name: Oh Marc, Please, Let Me Fly With My Lv
Comets have tails
White – hot and sharp
Silver gets warm.
Kindling lights on a bow
Spirals of rays
Swallow the gloom
Colours in falls
Rush to soak through the dreary woods
Move on now
Without weight, flapping sheet, taking shape
Inflated by wind
Swim between, mermaid fins, keep ready
This season will leave
And gardens will change their look
Endless times
And people will change their mood
All at once
All at once
Track Name: Old Old Kiss
Seeking a light outside
Like moths round candle flames
Ink blots on the surface
Of a broken smile
Interrupted signs

And many living things
Seem to be made of wax
Shiny and cold

Two bottles fall and smash
Or flying bombs explode
We cannot hear

And someone finds relief
In work or in a kiss
Sweet fruits to eat

For me the greatest gift
Would be the tide to lift
Carrying you home

In the morning we'll meet
Track Name: Isaia
Track Name: Apples Rvlll
Tiny heart
Let his wishes wither up
And disguising his own voice
Just delayed the choice

Losing time in vain
Can backfire on us again
Ruins of feeling still remain
Then in quicksand sink

Tiny heart
Let his wishes wither up
And disguising his own choice/voice
Drowned in quicksand
Track Name: Eyes Full Of Bitterness
All certain things are caving in somewhere
Swirling bees
Maddened by bears

Despite the gale you dropped an anchor here
You walk in mud
With crystal heels
Track Name: Sitting On The Little Church Steps
Vanishing fades the sun
Amber blaze
Without ash fade the sun
Farther stars reclaim
Their time and fades the sun
They sprout and fade the sun

Nothing is colourfast
And steaming breath dries
Melting down fades the sun
Colder stars reclaim
Their time and fades the sun
They sprout and fades the sun
Nothing is colourfast
And steaming breath dries
And bruises clear up
Track Name: Raymond Bleeps 2
Track Name: When I Sing Your Words All Around Us Is Magic
Be my friend
And share your mind with me
We'll eat some glass
Then spit it on the trees
Their leaves are falling gently to the ground
No other way to change a while

Everyone's round

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