My Vocalese Fun Fair (Special Reissue)


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Noah Wilson
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Noah Wilson One of the most majestic albums of all-time. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this was being released on vinyl for the first time. I couldn't be happier. Favorite track: G-Lombardi Magic Rollercoasters.
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FORMATS: LP [Electric Blue Colour Vinyl] [Numbered Limited Edition of 300 copies] / Digital Album

First edition of "My Vocalese Fun Fair" in CD Digipak format ➜

► Watch the official video-clip of "Let's Make The Stevens Cake!!!":
► Watch the official video-clip of "...And Three Parasol Stars":


We are really enjoying this process of looking back and recovering some of the albums that we have released at Elefant during our first 25 years as an independent label. Giorgio Tuma has been one of those artists that we have handled with special care. His music, so far from the stereotypes of the latest music trends, hides a true genius who is inspired, evocative, and has a psychedelic, melancholic, elegant pop spirit. A musical goldsmith.

That’s why we are so happy to be able to re-release, for the first time on vinyl, his first album with Elefant (second in his discography), “My Vocalese Fun Fair”. It is a delicious album, exquisitely arranged, where the psychedelia, the lounge music and the Brazilian samba all join hands to make up a banquet of an album. It’s because of all of those influences, that let us catch a glimpse of other small ingredients that make the final result richer, like the soul on “Coney Island Memories”, the funk-pop on “Marsico”, the baroque folk of “Musical Express” or the northern soul of “Saltamontes”. That is the definition of banquet that Giorgio Tuma proposed on that album: dishes full of all the ingredients imaginable, mixed with elegance, color, sometimes exoticism, sophistication, sometimes seriousness, but always achieving excellent results. Like “…And Three Parasol Stars”, “Let’s Make The Stevens Cake!!!”, “Astroland By Bus”… And ultimately that feeling of melancholy that stays with you after such a feast – sweet, sad, unrepeatable, unforgettable…

This electric blue vinyl will be released as a 300-copy, numbered, limited edition and it will have two extra songs for the digital version that were not included on the original LP (which will also be available for download as MP3 included with the vinyl). “Flying Bicycles To Reykjavik” is pop, jazz and soul, one of the most agile songs that forms a part of this fantastic collection of songs. “Innocent Thoughts Fluorescent Words” is a silent but luminous goodbye. Petit fours? There are no small dishes when we are talking about Giorgio Tuma’s banquets. Every last detail counts, used completely, enjoyed to the last drop. It’s a way of living made into sound.


released November 16, 2018



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Track Name: Introduction
Track Name: Two Happy Sad Guitars...
Untied balloons of laughs
Burst and release sounds high
Then fade away
Oh, music flows and I know
Someday I'll be somewhere (else)
To cast a new spell
Just to be safe
In a small bell

Then I'll fall in a lake filled with snow and candies
And I'll find it queer
Then I'll jump on a carpet of leaves and beyond top of trees
I'll find
White rails to moon
Track Name: Saltamontes
Millions shoes on a new green path
The frogs stroll in the street
When the storm has passed away
Stars and moons and sea and sun
Don't fear to fail
Life won't wait for you!
Dancing for a day
Singing in the rain
Happiness and cakes
Chocolate words to say
Fireflies on water
Glitter together
The more the better
Everyone's awake
Track Name: Let's Make The Stevens Cake!!!
From precious waterlines
A wizard voice through all night
If it's true , come to my dance
Wonder why dreaming moon dance
Sea, may we have fun
We call it moon dance in town
If it's true, come to my dance
Wonderful rain, let grace fall (on) moon dance
You know, we call it moon dance!
Track Name: Musical Express
Hollow lane, blooming stars
Crystalline line of horizon
Echoed sounds coming from space
There are milky roads
Ropes to climb up to the top of
Curly clouds rolling gently

And it isn't late to whistle a new tune
And it isn't late to paint doors and white rooms
Oh, I've singable dreams
Oh, I've crumbs of some petty bright days

Hollow lane , blooming stars
Crystalline line of horizon
Echoed sounds coming from space

And it isn't late to whistle a new tune
And it isn't late to paint doors and white rooms
Oh, I've singable dreams
Oh, I've crumbs of bright days

And it isn't late to whistle a new tune
And it isn't late to paint doors and white rooms
Oh, I've singable dreams
Oh, I've crumbs of some petty bright day
Track Name: ...And Three Parasol Stars
Don't try
To bring back on the ground
My train of clouds
I'll take
A rest in a blue shell
Bubbles of breath
I'll run on
A winding staircase
To get out
Of greyness and shade

Gleaming light
On my fingertip
I design a ship
With a see through sail
Track Name: Astroland By Bus
Spring around us
Winter left us on a bridge
Made of questions and faith
Light wind rises on my way
Spring around us
Dreams contain what we'd be
Dreams contain all the truth

Travelling in space with tender sounds
Millions stars 're floating round
And walking on the moon
We're waiting for the blue
Track Name: Coney Island Memories
In a fancied place
Where the words don't hurt
Everything we touch is a pearl
Don't let me cry
Drowing back now

Don't let me cry

Enfold me

Don't let me cry

Easy distance

Don't let me cry

Enfold me
Tell me that we'll build
Castles of sand
Tell me that we'll have
A silent talk
Convince me that love is surprise

Don't let me cry
Track Name: Marsico
Wolf's eyes envious of the sun
Wolf is staring at my inside
But finding in this sunchild
My bright light it bounced away

We turn 'round the wood of my sunchild

And turning we make a whirl of dust
And turning we make a whirl of bright stardust tonight
Track Name: St Nicholas' Blue Melody
Water is trembling
Overturned fountains
Sensible trails of scent
Water is trembling
Overturned fountains
Sensible trails of scent
Kind are your eyes and your voice
Kind is the hiding sun
Kind are your eyes and your voice
Kind is your pace and the rain
Mirrors your marks in the sky
Track Name: Ml Db (Mary Louise Song)
When the seafoam flushes your feet
When the mist will begin to lift
When you'll meet a flurry of wind
Just fly a kite

Be patient
It will lie down on planets and satellites
Cherishing dreams
Revolving round the flaring sun
Then burning like a firework
So high
Track Name: Faye's Flying Shoes
Shooting is the sound
Of your steps caressing the ground
You're made of air
My hope lead bare
Brightness rises 'round you
Dance for me!!!
Look beyond the leaves
There are sparkles of sincerity
A sugar bed never be sad
Rainbows twines 'round you
Dance with me
We're made of air
Never be scared
Track Name: Dedicated To Timmy The Whale
Whales in a tea cup
Whales in a bath
Nonsense rhyme, candyfloss
Whales in a tea cup
Whales in a bat
Nonsense rhyme, row me across

Going where the moon
Dresses the vessels
Going where the dawn
Thaws defensive films of ice, of ice
We ride on glazy waves with jade veins
Track Name: Sirens Pray For Us
Marble hands
You know I want oppose
If you steal from me
My paper crown
Your silky words
Will be my nest
Track Name: G-Lombardi Magic Rollercoasters
Track Name: Flying Bicycles To Reykjavik (Bonus Track)
Walking in the lively night it quickens
Steps and thoughts
And the gates are open
Walking with a nameless face on noisy narrow roads
And you gather some smiles
Taking flight
Throw the dice and hope
Balance not to fall
But just love can save us
Track Name: Innocent Thoughts Fluorescent Words (Bonus Track)
Hazy moon
Dives into pale blue sky
And nothing moves on
But keeps still and mild
Wind deadens the sounds
Then falls
Wide eyes
Far off

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