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FORMATS: 10" Mini-LP [Black Colour Vinyl] [Numbered Limited Edition of 300 copies] / Digital Mini Album

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Slow, atmospheric music is not at the peak of its fame right now. It’s true that we can enjoy prestigious bands like LOW and BEACH HOUSE, and that when we hear some of the few groups that populate these fields we can get excited. But now is not the time for contemplation. That’s why we love that GALAXY FINGERS are reaffirming themselves in the parameters of their debut Single, “Let In Elijah EP”, and that with Elefant Records they are putting out, “The Last Bastion Of Fox Quality”, a 10” that will be released in digital format as well as a 300-copy numbered-limited-edition black vinyl.

Once again with recording assistance from Brand Lee (THE ALBUM LEAF) and the incorporation in mixing of Jerik Centeno, GALAXY FINGERS have made an album that magnifies their style and makes them worthy heirs of a lineage with very little presence on the face of the earth, but that has a distinguished history. “Right Joan” reminds us of Victoria Legrand’s band, thanks to the presence of the synthesizers and melancholy, hypnotic ambiance. “Funeral At Cosmo Square” are the early LOW from “The Curtain Hits The Cast”, the most delicate L’ALTRA, the most luminous THE LOW LOWS. Crystalline delicacy, held breath, absolutely mesmerizing vocal play and radical dynamics. “Cynically Sweet” could be RADAR BROS bewitched by Hope Sandoval, singing about the sweet heartache of first love, with those repetitive and hypnotic canons. “Edith Six Arms” and “Ring Of Flowers” move toward other greats of the style, BEDHEAD, or what is almost the same thing, THE NEW YEAR: millimetric synchronization, solidness, abrupt silences, and to top it off, a stratospheric chorus.

Because this is where GALAXY FINGERS stand out. The duo, formed by Alex Simonian and Clara Moore make the sun shine with their vocal play and their evanescent melodies. Unlike the majority of their compatriots from this sonic territory, where others create beauty from melancholy and sadness, they create it from hope. Like on “Asking For Space”, where they remind us again of BEACH HOUSE. Or like on “Little Paw” where they emulate the space travel of SPIRITUALIZED to the beat of soul and gospel. And to close and as the exception, the miniature acoustic that is “Clap For Them”, that we already heard on their first Single, where the levels of beauty are still sky high.

Without a doubt, this is the album that definitively puts GALAXY FINGERS on the map of these (few) bands capable of floating over arid, silent terrain, creating and transforming it into the most beautiful landscape. This is something that few are able to achieve and that has turned them into heroes for fans of the slowcore sound. Even if you’re not, let yourself get carried away by the subtle, unexpected, extreme beauty. You won’t regret it.


released June 28, 2019



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Track Name: Right Joan
I thought you'd lead me lightly under the moon
I learned to touch the wave but it left too soon
The felt strapped to your leg in mid afternoon
I turned to feel the breeze but it left too soon

Balloons with empathy choked up in my room
Boring darkness shifts, compelled to assume
Love your photographs, forget to consume
Create a lake with puddles of your perfume

Lifelike with eyes too bright

The steps all warped from snow remind me to sink
The balcony all battered, soaked in black ink
The gravity impacts me more than you think
I like the feeling when we flutter in synch

Roses hide your face and your rosy cheeks
Smoked the last of them but can't hide critique
Take your picture and I'll try not to blink
Poor recollection, now I'll try not to speak
Track Name: Funeral At Cosmo Square
Wrapped with care
Because I'm across the ocean
Poke holes for air
Reach up for the sun
Cut your hair
It falls and makes you cry
I don't feel so good
Because we cheated just one more time

The morning breaks
Felt no vibration
I feel this way
I'm fit to break
But now we're kissing
If it's okay
Let's get permission
Track Name: Cynically Sweet
You got some stupid look stuck on your face
Why waste your time with me anyway
If it's so easy, then tell me what you want to say
Waited till now, what's just another day?

I'm talking about foolish young love
I'm talking about foolish young blood

Drove all the way out here just to hear my voice
Said on the phone you can't hear above the noise
I'll sing you songs that might help you to understand
Our time together must someday come to an end

I'm talking about foolish young love
I'm talking about foolish young blood
Track Name: Edith Six Arms
What do I know?
I know a few things

For now
For when your eyes are the ceiling
Four arms never looked more appealing
For when those moments are fleeting
For then when we start overheating

Let my hair grow
Let my eyes show
Let my mind go
Make my chest glow
Track Name: Asking For Space
Read the constellations, baby
Tell me what you see
Threw our darts in the darkest corner
Waited for the rebound

Haven't had a drink since summer
Something's wrong with me
I'm sipping on galactic forces
Have been for near a century

I tied down what you kicked up
For so long ­I've had enough
Falling out but keep in touch

Shouldn't ask for better, honey
Didn't think I could
Spent my days lying on your shoulder
Come the day you swore that never would

Hold on tight - let's take it slow
Baby, well don't you know
You and I will be the last to go
Track Name: Little Paw
Cry baby, you piss stain on the floor
Nobody likes to talk to you about things anymore
Couldn't play nice
Maybe next time you'll think twice

What do you gain?
Driving me insane
Bite at the hand
That gave you a chance

Lonesome weekends
Stretch out into months then
You come crawling
Back for just a peek and

Placing your chin up on my knee
Putting an end to your misery

What do you gain?
Driving me insane
Bite at the hand
That gave you a chance

Stumbling through darkness
Over all those little folks you gone and killed
When will the thirst end?
The time when you have finally get your fill?

Leave it down to rest
You've aced this god-forsaken test
Track Name: Ring Of Flowers
A ring of flowers sits
Unused and hid away
I sit with mint on my face
Feel my limbs drift away

The strings on my shoulders
Reach my window panes
The tape on my fingers
Is starting to stick

And when I try
I see gray scale stones

The garden grows
And I press for more
I'm so confused
With my toes on the floor
Track Name: Clap For Them
When you come
And when you go
When you come around
And I'll say no

Watch you go
Lock the door
I don't think
I'll see you anymore

When you disappear
I feel better
No, I'm better
And I won't let you

You say you'll feel better come the sunrise
I say I don't want to see the sunrise
You say I don't recognize your problems
I say that you might be the problem

I'll be laughing through your sad town
You'll be chasing this whole world down to the ground
You missed your chance, now
Watch me go farther than the sunrise

When you turn around
I feel better come the sunrise
When you leave town
I feel happy to see the sunrise

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