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The Herrero siblings gave us a good look at their particular universe with that fantastic Mini-LP called “Abducida Por Formar Una Pareja”. Very soon we will have “Tralará”, their first full-length. Some people would talk about maturity, but they are allergic to that word. Others would talk about a step forward, but they are not moving in any definite direction. Conxita and Fermí let themselves be carried away by their overflowing imagination, and go wherever that takes them. Without restrictions. Without prejudice. And sometimes, without reservation. No matter what happens.

Because their thing is to make the naive seem mature, and the grown-up seem innocent. It’s pure magic. What’s more, it’s a healthy exercise. How to laugh at yourself and reinvent yourself in an impossible way, all at the same time. And as proof, this taste of what will be that anticipated album: “Animales” is a perfect introduction. Dreamy and fragile, yet exultant. The most exact way they can be defined. It’s a kind of confession. Because that’s how they are. They don’t see themselves like other people. They don’t want to be like everyone else. And that’s why they have built their own world. The one they put together around a small yellow wooden chair in a video that goes with this advance Digital Single. Like fish and turtles, snails and other kinds of animals. They feel closer to them than to humans. They look at them strangely, because they don’t understand them. Or they do. But they don’t want to be like them. Like we said, it’s an invitation to their universe. Are you like that? Boring? Predictable? Are you following a plan?

Like the first chapter of their story “Tralará”, “Animales” is a perfect epilogue, a portal to a ton of surprises that we are sure will not leave you untouched. Yes, of course, because that’s what they are all about. Imagination and fantasy are their magic wand. Cynicism is their spell. The playful melodies are their magic potion. And what’s the result? Sincerely, we don’t think anyone knows. We are waiting. Impatiently.


released September 28, 2018



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Track Name: Animales
No sé si voy a saber cumplir con las expectativas de mi edad
No sé si notáis que la palabra en sí da mala espina: "madurar"
Y por mucho que haga esfuerzos
Me recuerdo a los cangrejos
Que andan por la orilla hacia atrás
Me despista cualquier cosa
¡Mira el vuelo de esa mosca!
Otra vez me ha vuelto a hipnotizar

No sé si conseguiré parar de ser como una cría, de verdad
No me nace el interés por conducir, comprar comida o cocinar
Avanzar me cuesta horrores
¿Cómo harán los caracoles
Para aceptar su velocidad?
Me dan mucha envidia sana
Las tortugas centenarias
Derrochando el tiempo bajo el mar

No sé si esperar de pie o sentada a hacerme adulta, me voy a sentar
No confío demasiado, la cosa va para largo en madrugar
Me gusta tanto mi cama
Cómo envidio a las arañas
Dormitando siempre en su telar
Qué rollo nacer persona
Daría todo por ser osa
Y dedicarle meses a hibernar

No sé si este pánico al futuro es algo del momento o pasará
No le acabo de pillar el rollo tampoco a lo de la soledad
A ver si se va esta pena
Como migran las ballenas
Y se trata de algo temporal
A veces se hace tan grande
Que parece un elefante
Ojalá desaparezca ya

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